Technical Support by Elisa Santa Monica

Our Technical Support serves customers when they encounter problems or faults with equipment covered by their SantaCare maintenance agreement (SantaCare Maintenance). More detailed information about the content of support services can be found in the service descriptions of agreements and the instructions for service requests.

As a rule, support requests should be submitted through the SantaCare support portal, or alternatively, by email, if the nature of the problem allows it. Support requests concerning SantaCare Managed Services should be submitted in SMN NOC (Network Operations Center). The steps described in this guideline do not cover such support requests. Managed Services customers have been provided with detailed instructions on submitting support requests.

Information Needed for Search Requests

For the swift processing of search requests, please include the following information:

  • Description of the problem/request
  • Serial number of the device or part
  • Type of the device or part
  • If you suspect a hardware fault, the delivery address and contact information for supplying a replacement

Submitting a Support Request through the Support Portal

SantaCare WebPortal is the primary channel for submitting support requests. A support request submitted through the portal automatically includes the information required by our technical support (device, serial number, agreement number, SLA level, etc.), which speeds up the processing of the request. When a request has been submitted, it is available for further processing through the portal or email.  We can also provide more detailed SLA reports on support requests that have been submitted through the portal.

The portal can be accessed at

Use the following email address to request credentials for the support portal:

We create credentials for technical contacts specified by the customer. Please add the name of your company, your contact details and your job description in the message. Elisa Santa Monica does not handle support requests from end users.

Submitting Support Requests by Email

You can also submit a support request by emailing it to the following address:

The ticketing system of Elisa Santa Monica assigns a tracking number to the support request submitted by a customer that can be used to monitor and update the support request in question. The tracking number must be kept unchanged in the title field during the processing.

Submitting Support Requests by Phone

You can submit a support request by phoning (09) 425 99 403. In this case, our technical support will enter the support request in our system on your behalf. 

NOTE! In case of critical issues and requests outside office hours (SantaCare Advanced service level), please always contact us by phone.

RMA Returns

If an exchange unit has been delivered to replace a faulty device, that device must be returned directly to the hardware supplier in accordance with the instructions provided upon delivery.